Mixers New Media Studio Audio and Video Stages for Podcasters, Vloggers

Record on the Stages Hit TV, Film and Music Producers Love, Staffed with our Emmy winning Editorial, FX and Mix teams – At a Price You Can Afford.  Video and Audio Recording for Podcasters begins 7/17 at Mixers.

Kick it Up A Notch at Mixers New Media Studios

Mixers Offers the Best Sound and Video Choice for Podcasters.

Mixers Sound has been a staple of the television post-production industry for the past decade. Our Emmy-winning staff produces top network shows every week and now we’re turning that expertise to Podcasting. Get the same quality network TV and film demands and standout from the crowd with pristine recordings, cutting-edge FX work, and mixes that engage. Record in a legendary studio with world-class hardware and software. Let our experienced staff help you get the best for your productions. Don’t sell your work short. Give your productions the best sound and video available.
Mixers Podcasting facilities offer Blackmagic 4k video cameras, Canon 5D video cameras, and Sony video cameras. We’re famous for our audio, and our mic collection and audio workflow is cutting edge. Lav’s, shotguns, “DJ” mics, tube and condenser mics, Neve, API and UAD hardware; we have the best tech available.  And our friendly award-winning staff is there to assist you all the way.
Mixers staff can assist you with
  • Multi-Camera shoots
  • Hairstylists
  • Makeup
  • Lighting
  • Backdrops
  • Set Construction
  • Dialog Editorial
  • Fx Editorial
  • Sound Mixing
  • And much more!
Mixers Studio opens August 15th.  Call 323-799-4707 for booking and price information.

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