Mixers® Sound – LA’s #1 Audio Boutique

Contemporary-Classic Sound Studio Combines the Best of TV, Film, and Music Recording and Mixing.

Mixers Sound is LA’s #1 audio boutique. Busy Producers have taken to Mixers atmos. They appreciate Mixers’ “no room-hopping,” “who am I going to mix with this week” schedules; they enjoy the consistency of the same talented team of mixers and editors, on the same comfortable, stage week after week.

Mixers Sound is a breather in the episode-grinding, assembly-line tedium of the post-world. They put you budget into your production: into the tech and talent that support your show, not their flash.


The Mixers facility, purchased in early 2020, is itself a legend. Designed and built by renowned studio architect, Jack Edwards, of Capitol Studios fame, thier mix and record stages are second to none.

With 5200 square feet of mix and recording stages, Mixers accommodates a wide range of projects. Film and Television post-production, music recording and mixing, podcasting and VO/ADR/Foley recording are at home here.  The largest stage at 1700 sq. ft. (15000 cu ft), is an airy, natural-sounding space with high ceilings and ample, natural light. This stage has seen it’s share of Platinum. The control rooms are spacious and comfortable: all powered by incredible, detailed, Bryston/PMC monitoring. All of Mixers stages have a magic, a warmth, and transparency that comes with world-class acoustic design.  

Now, let’s get technical.  Mixers uses the best of the analog and digital worlds in every mix. In this time of off-the-rack, AVID sameness, Mixers use a unique blend of hardware and software from the music-world and post-world that works and sounds best for you and your project. Mixers uses Pro Tools and Nuendo workstations, Universal Audio hardware and software, and the real old-school classics like Neve, API, Otari, and EMT.

So relax in Mixers Sound’s contemporary-classic studios and enjoy the best sounds you’ve ever heard: the sounds of your next great release.


Mixers benefits from a wealth of experience in music and film, but their experience in reality television is unparalleled in the Los Angeles market. Mixers owner Terry Dwyer was in the “mix chair” and headed the post-sound teams at the launch of many of television’s seminal reality shows. Dwyer and his sound teams supported the producers in the launch of Survivor, Fear Factor, Wipeout, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, Surreal Life, and many other ground-breaking reality shows. Mixers talented, creative staff continue this work with an intricate understanding of the reality genre.

 But no matter the genre, whether the production is scripted or unscripted, reality or documentary (Emmy- Best Sound-Documentary, Academy Award nomination – Best Documentary), TV, Film or Music, Mixers staff has the experience, training, and talent to deliver your unique vision.


Mixers understands your budgets and turnarounds. They get the business side and do their level best to get that off your shoulders. They’ve worked with the best producers, post-producers, production companies, and networks in this business and they’ve learned much. They don’t nickel and dime. You don’t punch the clock. Relax. Let Mixers assist you with your next production.

Mixers is the last stop on your post schedule, and we endeavor to be the most productive and hassle-free stop along your way.

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