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Mixers Studio C Gets Major Update

While addressing Studio C which we had originally spec’d as cosmetic we discovered some unkind things that previous occupants had done to the monitor wall structure.  So we rebuilt the monitor wall and now continue with the cosmetics.

Mixers Sound Studio C
Mixers Studio A Live Stage

Mixers Studio A Live Stage Nears Completion


It’s getting there.  Just some painting and acoustic touchup and lighting and we’ll call it a day.  For now ….

Mixers Mic Panels

Analog Tape Meets DANTE


Mixers is a big studio on multiple floors. So how do we access the multitrack Otari 90’s and 12’s without costly rewiring and patching or superhero like lifting?  Like 450 lbs heavy lifting.  Our analog machines are on DANTE of course.  Are we the first? They traverse the facility on ethernet.  One little ethernet cable. Right out of the machine.  Without any quality loss. OMG!!  Who’d a thunk! And they sound awesome. They sound like the best analog tape you’ve ever heard.

We have 2″ 24 tr, 1/2″ 1/2 tr., 1/4″, 1/2 tr. and 1/2″ 4 track available.  Hope I got that right. That’s two 24 ch., MTR 90 MKII’s  and to MTR 12’s with lots of headstacks.

And we can reclaim those old un-playable analog masters and convert them to WAV files at a reasonable cost. We can re-master them if you’d like.  Or, for the  TV/FILM folk, we can digitize,  get rid of the uncleared music, update the fx and remix.  

But why not just bring the band in and do a real update.  We’ll buy the beer.

Re-inventing the Mic Panel.


Mixers needed new mic/cue/inet panels and couldn’t find anything that looked 2020.  So we invented.  Meet the Mixers Art Panels.

Mixers Mic Panels

Mixers Installs Dolby ATMOS on all Mix Stages


Mixers Sound is installing Dolby’s ATMOS Immersive Audio systems in Studio’s A, B, and C.  Studio A, currently a 5.1 stage is being converted to 7.1.4 with PMC IB1S mains and TB2 surrounds and overheads.  Studio B, and C will be 5.1.2.  Mixers is also converting to the DANTE IP audio system with the replacement of A/D D/A converters througout.  Dwyer hopes to have the ATMOS installation completed this summer for Music, Film and TV Clients.


Mixers Renovates Ground Floor Stages

Mixers Renovation Studio A


Mixers has begun the updating of the ground-floor stages at their NoHo facility. Acoustic structure is being added to all “live” stages and a general cosmetic update to paint and lighting is underway.  Completion date is expected to be 6/30/2020

ADDED – 16 Neve 1073 Mic pre-amps.

Neve 1073OPX Mic Pre-Amps


Mixers has added 16 channels of Neve 1073’s to their hardware collection.  This provides Neve pre’s for all stages via DANTE.  In all, Mixers has 24 channels of Neve mic-pre’s; 16 1073’s and 8 542 Range EQ/Mic channels fitted with direct outs.  This capacity provides Mixers with a wide-range of options for live recording.

Acquired: Beyer M160 and a Pair of M201 N.

Beyer M160


We’ve always loved Beyer’s mic’s and we’re putting two pair front a center in our mic locker. Nothing sounds better in our opinion than 160’s on toms and the 201’s are a great all around mic. We’ve also added a pair of vintage AKG 451 E’s.

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