Post Sound Services - Dialog Editorial - FX Editorial - Music Editorial - Mixing in All Formats - ADR, VO and Foley Recording

Located in the Burbank/NoHo Studio District and Claremont, Mixers Post Sound Facilities have 6000 sq. ft. of recording and mix stages avialiable for your next project. 

Available by the hour, week and month, these stages are perfect for VO, ADR, Foley and Music recording.

Studio A

Studio A Features a 24 fader Avid D-Command console, a dual Pro Tools 12 HDX  mix system –  for mixing and stem recording. 16 Cores of UAD2 DSP, with scads of UAD Plugins.  Cedar, and Izotope noise reduction systems are on board with Cedar's DNS 3000, Cedar Studio and Izotpoe’s ANR-B hardware NR system and RX6 software. All brought home with exquisite 5.1 PMC IB1S/Bryston powered monitoring systems. B-monitoring is provided by a 5.1 PMC DB1S-AII system. Also included is an extensive assortment of Pro Tools plug-ins.


Mixers has 3 VO/ADR stages including the large stage pictured above. We can accommodate just about any sized group. Our stages have a great microphone selection - Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser and AGK -  and 1st class mic preamps - Neve, Boulder, and API -  for the best stage recordings available, The stage pictured above is tied to Studio A and a smaller control room for great flexibility.

Studio B

Studio B features an Avid C24 console, Pro Tools HD5 Mix system and an extensive selection of Pro Tools Plugins. Brought home with a 5.1 PMC TB2S-AII monitoring.  Studio B also has an attached recording stage suitable for small groups and individuals and is equipped with Neumann, Sennheiser and AKG mics, API, Boulder and Neve mic pre-amps.

Billiard Lounge

Need a break? Head to Mixers Billiard Lounge for a game billiards, some TV or video games. Need to do some business? Ask for a private client office.


Sam and Luke

If you're lucky enough to visit when Sam and Luke are in attendance they'll share their mellow with you and make your day.

Mixers Facility

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